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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is indeed one of the most challenging episodes in the history of humanity. This global outbreak will have far reaching impacts on our social, political and economical paradigms; from the way we live, work and behave, and also to our needs and wants in the years ahead. 

COVIDSENS product system.jpg

A Rapid Solution to the COVID-19 Threat

We, here at Biogenes Technologies took up the challenge to design the aptamers to be used as molecular probes against the various antigenic proteins on the SARS-COV-2 virus. We have also incorporated the probes onto our aptasensor chips and portable hardware for use as mass screening rapid test kits in airports, buildings, worksites and mass events.

If you are interested in our COVID-19 aptamers and rapid test kits for both your research and commercial applications, please feel free to contact us at link below.  

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