BIOGENES Technologies develops, patents & commercializes a number of technology platforms in the field of genomics and genetics. 

Electronic Portable Reader

We have developed the hardware and software of portable diagnostic device that is able to generate specific electronic scan  profiles to induce electrochemical reactions on the sensor active surface, producing a feedback signal that allows for the measurement of the concentration of the target molecules in samples.

Reader with Amp SPE R01.JPG
Printed Sensors

We possess the technical know-how to design and fabricate carbon and graphene-based printed biosensors; as well as to immobilise active bio-molecules e.g. DNA probes and aptamers onto the sensor surface to selectively capture and measure target molecules in samples.


We have developed in-silico platform to design aptamers and validate its binding to target molecules. Aptamer is a class of synthetic bio-molecules constructed from oligonucleotide (A, C, G & T) sequences. These bio-molecules has the ability to form specific shapes that can selectively bind to target molecules such as DNA, proteins, metal ions etc.

Aptamer 02 Pic.png